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About us

Kwong Chan

From sparse market details for startups to fat numbers for a global product launch, linking evidence to insights is his passion. Kwong holds a PhD from Michigan State University in Marketing and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Tasmania, Australia.

Formerly an Associate Director for Technology and Telecommunication Industries at Nielsen, he is currently an academic specialist at Northeastern University helping build new visions in market research, design thinking and sentiment analysis.

Rosanna Garcia

Rosanna works on the unique challenge of resistant innovations and the role of consumers in the sharing economy. A frequent presenter of her work on the adoption of electric vehicles, Rosanna is a highly published researcher and a much sought after consultant. In between all this Rosanna somehow found time in 2014 to launch her book Creating and Marketing New Products and Services.

She holds several technology patents across several fields including one in agent-based modeling. A professor of Marketing & Innovation at NC State University. She holds a PhD in Marketing from Michigan State University, a MBA from the University of Rochester, NY and a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara, CA.

Paul Rummel

Paul is an engineering consultant where he has brought 29 years of RF application experience to the semiconductor industry and 10 years of agent-based modeling knowledge to marketing experts. He is founder and president of the product data management company Softricity LLC, and holds 4 patents addressing the communications industry.

Paul holds a BS in Electronic Engineering at California Polytechnic State University and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University.

Our Work

New Products

We help teams develop new products more effectively and analyze markets to help companies overcome resistance to new innovations.

Fat and Thin Data

Make sense of what customer opinions do to pricing and demand, figure out what bad data online opinions mean for consumer decisions, predicting customer frustration before it happens, discovering what makes customers happy around the world for global brands.

What's Hot

Our proprietary “lheir” engine plucks out unwanted online weeds before they make it into your carefully cultivated garden.

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